Michael Segal


I have worked in the coffee and cocoa industries for about 30 years, as the editor of trade magazines and journals, with international industry associations, and with intergovernmental organizations.

My association with Good for Life came as a result of many years of working with industry charities, including the late lamented Coffee Kids, where I was asked to join the UK arm by its founder and my long-time friend Bill Fishbein.

Fortunately, some of us with the experience of that organization are now involved in Good for Life. I, for one, am particularly happy to be able to continue our work in helping communities with ‘a hand up, rather than a handout’.

I believe that our work not only assists communities affected by hardship in the coffee and cocoa growing regions, but also helps establish stronger links with the growers and their families. Their efforts should be much better recognised and rewarded, but on the way to achieving this goal, our own efforts should be aimed at helping them to lead fulfilled lives.