Chajulense Women's Association-Microcredit and Textiles


Coffee is a volatile commodity to say the least.  In good times, farmers can earn a decent living.  However, income from coffee alone does not offer coffee-farming families enough to survive throughout the year.  The Good for Life Charity (\(\(\(and it's partners) supported Mujeres Chajulense savings/micro credit project and textile projects since it began 7 years ago with 20 women.  Mujeres Chajulense savings/credit program now has close to 1,000 women and its credit fund will be completely financially sustainable by the middle of 2015.  This will allow Mujeres Chajulense to continue operations with or without an outside donor to its loan fund.  Several years ago, Mujeres Chajulense formed its own legal association, a graduation from the security of the coffee cooperative to their own independence.


To continue growing towards becoming the Ixil region's only financial organization to offer low-interest credit to poor families.





















The women's textile project is expected to become 80% sustainable with ongoing advice on design and marketing.  The project will continue to strengthen administrative and management capacity of the NGO through advice/consultation in accounting, funds management, and external audit methodology.

The goals are to increase sales, add new designs, and improve the sustainability of the programme.

Recently, cooperative Coffees, a 24 member  green coffee-buying coorperative, made a commitment to purchase textiles from Mujeres Chajulense and sell those textiles through retail and wholesale member stores.  This will go a long way toward increasing textile revenues.