NEW Community Group Project – Siaya Kenya

‘Good for Life Charity ‘is working in partnership with ‘Ace Africa’ which focuses on all aspects of community development across five project sites in remote-rural Kenya and Tanzania. Through its child development, community health and wellbeing and community livelihoods programmes Ace is providing entire communities with the knowledge, skills and start-up to live healthier, happier and self-sufficient lives.

Its first project will be supporting one of Ace Africa’s community livelihood programmes to train a community group in organic kitchen gardening and fish farming in rural Siaya, Kenya. The group will be given the skills, training and start-up kits in order that they can establish their own nutritional enterprises and improve the food, nutritional and economic security of their households.


“I think the community owns these projects as they are the ones who run them. Ace just gives direction and support and we, the community, should pick up from where they left off, since the community belongs to us.” Ferdinand Wanyama, Ace Activator, Kenya