From the early days we learnt to embrace the mantra of ‘giving a hand up rather than a hand out’.
We learnt that successful and sustainable projects come from working with the communities by allowing them, not us, to decide what's needed to improve their lives and take ownership. This is empowering and all inclusive for the local community and invariably, what has been learnt in the process is then taken by them to the next village.



circa. $500,000.00 raised and donated to our current and past projects



Women's micro credit group
Women's micro credit group

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Women's micro credit group
Women's micro credit group


Economic Development with the Ixil region

Chajulense Women's Association - Savings Group (microcredit) and Textiles. Click here to read more 


GFL Donations                      $ 30,000




Food Sovereignty Programme

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San Gaspar Chajul



GFL Donations                  $35,000

Education - Horizontes sin Limites Click here to read more 

Youth development programme and scholarships to Indigenous girls.


GFL Donations                 $30,000



GFL Donations                     $ 55,000 



Ndi Moyo provides palliative care for sufferers of HIV/Aids, cancer and other associated illnesses


GFL Donations                       $10,000  


NEW Community Group Project – Siaya Kenya

‘Good for Life Charity ‘worked in partnership with ‘Ace Africa’ which focuses on all aspects of community development across five project sites in remote-rural Kenya and Tanzania. Through its child development, community health and wellbeing and community livelihoods programmes Ace is providing entire communities with the knowledge, skills and start-up to live healthier, happier and self-sufficient lives.

Its first project was supporting one of Ace Africa’s community livelihood programmes to train a community group in organic kitchen gardening and fish farming in rural Siaya, Kenya. The group will be given the skills, training and start-up kits in order that they can establish their own nutritional enterprises and improve the food, nutritional and economic security of their households.



“I think the community owns these projects as they are the ones who run them. Ace just gives direction and support and we, the community, should pick up from where they left off, since the community belongs to us.” Ferdinand Wanyama, Ace Activator, Kenya

Donations             $ 4,700 ( £3,125)





Helping street children in Kathmandu with Welcome to my yard



Welcome to my yard is an innovative social enterprise partnering with young people on the street to provide holistic community based support, education, training, and income generation programmes.


Donations $2,900


Good for Life Charity have donated $1,500 to support Welcome to my yard in providing immediate aid to children and their families and those communities within reach.


They have worked day and night to ensure that the health and safety of the community are well and they continue to do so.  Welcome to my yard still need all the support we can give them.