Food Sovereignty Program 

 The Food Sovereignty program



The Food Sovereignty program raises the bar on community responsibility. The role for coffee is different. As a volatile cash crop, coffee can offer extra income in good times, but in bad times, as the times are today with the devastation of la roya, over dependence on coffee has caused serious food shortage problems due the over-dependency that families have on coffee..

Unsurprisingly, over the last 3 years, the self-sufficiency approach to food security resonated with some Sotzil families. From these families, 6 women were selected and trained in early 2014. While continuing to work on their own farms, these promoters are sharing their knowledge with other women,  and excellent results are reflected in the improved agricultural practices by the families. In 2015 the program will expand to Ilom and Chel, reaching 384 women (240 new). They are going to be involved in training and some components coordinated by the technicians in order to be able to choose the promoters of each community based on their work and leadership.